Lawyer Meaning in Urdu:

A lawyer, also known as an advocate or barrister, is a legal professional who represents clients in a court of law. The word "lawyer" has its roots in the Old English word "lagere," which means "a person who acts as a mediator in legal matters." In Urdu, a lawyer is commonly known as "vakil" or "wakil."

Protect the Legal Rights of Citizen:

In Pakistan, the legal profession is highly respected, and becoming a lawyer is considered a prestigious career. Lawyers are instrumental in upholding the law and protecting the rights of citizens. They are experts in the field of law and have in-depth knowledge of the legal system, including the laws, regulations, and procedures that govern it.

To become a lawyer in Pakistan, one must have a law degree from a recognized university and pass the bar examination. The bar examination is conducted by the Pakistan Bar Council and consists of a written and oral examination. Once a person passes the bar exam, they are eligible to practice law in Pakistan and can be appointed as an advocate in any court of law.

Lawyer in Pakistan:

Lawyers in Pakistan provide legal assistance to individuals, corporations, and government agencies also prepare the tenant Agreement. They represent clients in a wide range of legal matters, including civil and criminal cases, family law, commercial law, and constitutional law. They also provide legal advice and guidance to clients on legal issues.

Word of Lawyer:

In Urdu, the word "vakil" or "wakil" is used to refer to a lawyer. The word "vakil" is derived from the Arabic word "wakil," which means "agent" or "representative." This reflects the role of a lawyer as an advocate who represents and acts on behalf of their clients in legal matters.

In Pakistan, lawyers are organized into professional bodies, such as the Pakistan Bar Council and the provincial bar associations. These bodies regulate the legal profession and ensure that lawyers uphold ethical standards and maintain the integrity of the legal system.


In conclusion, a lawyer is a legal professional who represents clients in a court of law. In Pakistan, lawyers are highly respected and play a vital role in upholding the law and protecting the rights of citizens. In Urdu, a lawyer is commonly known as "vakil" or "wakil," reflecting their role as advocates who represent and act on behalf of their clients in legal matters

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milan Joy 2 months ago

Lawyers are essential to the legal system, and their meaning in Urdu is equally important. A lawyer is a person who is trained in the law and is able to represent home real estate St. Francis people in a court of law. In addition to this, lawyers are also responsible for providing legal advice and counsel to their clients. They are a vital part of the legal system, because they are the individuals who are responsible for preserving justice and upholding the law. The meaning of lawyer in Urdu is therefore critical to understanding the intricacies of the law and its application.

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