The City is creating a new vision for Magruder Park. During the summer and fall of 2018, a team of consultants interviewed Hyattsville residents and park users, convened focus groups, and hosted visioning sessions to learn what the community wants the future of Magruder Park to look like.


The City’s consultant team, which includes The Neighborhood Design Center (NDC), Bradley Site Design, and Rivera Group have taken community feedback and created two design concepts for a reimagination of Magruder Park.


Get Involved: Join us for a Listening Session to share feedback on the final concepts on Thursday, February 7, 6 - 8 p.m., at the City Building (4310 Gallatin Street). Can't make the meeting? No problem! Please review the attached final concept proposals for reimagining Magruder Park, as well as the current layout of the park. Then, take our survey and let us know which design you prefer and why.


We will accept feedback through the end of February. Be sure to speak up before February 28!


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Attachment: Document - Current Layout of Magruder Park

Attachment: Document - Concept 1 Magruder Park Redesign

Attachment: Document - Concept 2 Magruder Park Redesign

Attachment: Document - Conceptos Finales y Condiciones Existentes de Parque Magruder